St. Paul provides a private Christian education in the Merced area. We take our religious tradition seriously and we build our identity around it. We are proud of our tradition and want to share its richness with all in our community. We believe that preparing our students to be productive, peaceful, and collaborative 21st Century citizens requires them to recognize and respect religious diversity, not fear it. We believe that engaging with those who have different beliefs does not threaten our faith but matures it.

Lutheran education is rooted in the Reformation of the 16th century, set in motion by Dr. Martin Luther, a university professor in Germany. As heirs of Luther, we embrace reason and intellectualism, for at its core, the Reformation was not just a religious movement but an intellectual one as well.

Vision Statement:
The vision of St. Paul Lutheran School is to offer the greater Merced community a classroom based, high quality Christian education that challenges and motivates each child to discover, strive for, and achieve his full personal potential. We believe that all children deserve a challenging and comprehensive curriculum directed toward achieving world-class standards. We further believe that family involvement and commitment are essential to each child achieving his maximum potential.